Sunday, July 6, 2008

70th Birthday Surprise :-)

The week of July 4th, all the family was in Moberly except Brian & Elise (Brian is in school)...and Mike, who will be released the end of the month from his mission. Of course the draw to Moberly is home , family and FIREWORKS! On Saturday the kids felt it was necessary to pull a surprise 70th Birthday, since we did not celebrate it in February. Many fun things happened. Brad and Scott designed a tee shirt for the occasion. It was really great. Then they made stepping stones with handprints from each member of the family. Now I've got to find a special place to display them. They had babysitters at the house for the kids under 10. The party was over at Brad and Connie's. They had planned a wonderful meal. Fruit, strawberry salad, Salmon, Beef tenderloin roast, green beans, Alfredo sauce over pasta, rolls and a wonderful Carrot Cake. They a had a bunch of old pictures of me, and then I had to tell a little about each of the kids when they were born and a few interesting stories about them. We then came back to the house and had a great bonfire. Of course there was a lot of singing and fun times. Great day!!!!

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