Sunday, July 6, 2008

70th Birthday Surprise :-)

The week of July 4th, all the family was in Moberly except Brian & Elise (Brian is in school)...and Mike, who will be released the end of the month from his mission. Of course the draw to Moberly is home , family and FIREWORKS! On Saturday the kids felt it was necessary to pull a surprise 70th Birthday, since we did not celebrate it in February. Many fun things happened. Brad and Scott designed a tee shirt for the occasion. It was really great. Then they made stepping stones with handprints from each member of the family. Now I've got to find a special place to display them. They had babysitters at the house for the kids under 10. The party was over at Brad and Connie's. They had planned a wonderful meal. Fruit, strawberry salad, Salmon, Beef tenderloin roast, green beans, Alfredo sauce over pasta, rolls and a wonderful Carrot Cake. They a had a bunch of old pictures of me, and then I had to tell a little about each of the kids when they were born and a few interesting stories about them. We then came back to the house and had a great bonfire. Of course there was a lot of singing and fun times. Great day!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brent's medals

NM State Track Meet 2

We are now in Albuquerque to watch the New Mexico State Track Meet. It was really a thrill to watch Brent run and run and run! I think Brent is the first in our family to get a Gold Medal at state. The first picture is Brent and Lindsey. We went to Gardunos for lunch. The next day we got the RV and set up for the meet. They also had a tent set up for the boys to have food there. There were 2 RV's for the boys to go and get cool and some even took naps. They have never had such luxury! Greg went all out. He said this was as close as he would ever get to state. The other RV was one of the the athletes Dad's. Greg rented the one he and Dad are standing in front of. He also got upon top and watched what was going on the field with binoculars. I'm going to add pictures of Dad and I with Brent. We sure are proud of him. 2 Gold medals, a 3rd place and a 5th. Not Bad Eh.

NM State Track Meet

This is Greg and Dad at the state track meet. They are standing in front of the RV that Greg rented for all the athletes to stay cool. You don't want to know all the trouble we had getting things going at first. The kicker was Brent going through the window so we could get into the darn thing!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Andrea's Graduation

Mothers Day highlight was Andrea's graduation from Moberly High School. She was Student Body President and she gave one of the talks. She did us all proud. After graduation there was an openhouse at their house. Lots of her friends from school and church came. A good time was had by everyone. Mike called at 8:00 and that just finished everything off great!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cheryl is Starting a Blog for Grandma and Grandpa :-)

I decided it would be nice for mom and dad to have their own blog so they could check our blogs and MAYBE even post to their own now-and-then. I will train mom on "blogging" when she comes to Albuquerque for the state track meet mid-May.

I added a blog list (beta version) but it does not appear to be working at this time. Tech support is working on it.

We now need to convince Brad/Connie, Matt/Jana, Brian/Elise to get blogs going!

NOTE: Cheryl will be posting on behalf of mom and dad until she trains mom :-)